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An online marketplace that allows professionals an equal opportunity to sell and market their designs to the public.


Connecting Professionals; Architects, Draftsmen, Designers and Interior Designers with Buyers and Builders.


Shop for residential, commercial and industrial designs, working drawings, engineering and interior design ideas in ‘real time’


Shop for innovative designs by creative, registered Professionals in real time and receive the design immediately.

Shop and share with social media integration.


Members receive up to 20% off your standard architectural fees and receive the construction drawings immediately.

Plus receive a permanent listing in our Builders Directory in the leading digital marketplace.


Open 24/7 to potential clients and builders, no overheads, a digital office front.

List any project; completed construction drawings, half completed ideas, plans which you have been short paid for and everything else in between.


Illustrate your design skills in any project; residential, commercial or industrial with drawings or concept ideas.

Sub-contract to professionals and increase your industry experience.

Implement your University knowledge with industry experience.